This blog, Constitutional Discourse (CD), has been designed to operate as a professional forum for the discussion of pressing European issues and constitutional law matters. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for researchers and scholars who are interested in constitutional law and to quickly share their thoughts on current issues of the European constitutional space.

CD welcomes professional opinions on all European constitutional issues, but if you have chosen to submit an article, please be aware of the following:

1) The subject and style of the posts

Our purpose is to encourage constructive dialogue and debate which, with the assistance of constitutional law, will help to reconcile and bridge the gap between the values of Western states and the national consciousness and identity of Central and Eastern European countries. In many cases, it is not possible to give a professional opinion on European constitutional issues without political overtones. It is your right to voice your opinion. Freedom of Speech, Information, Publication and Expression are fundamental elements of the European culture, however, a restriction on the exercise of a fundamental right is a fundamental right of others. In addition, since the purpose of this platform is professional discussion, the published writings should be based on professional grounds.

The concept of blogging allows anyone to share their professional opinion, however, we also know that we must limit ourselves in criticizing others. Personal attacks on researchers, scholars or others are unfair and uncalled for.

In view of the above, the Editorial Board reserves the right to reject any writing if it is:

  • professionally unfounded,

  • intended for insultation,

  • does not meet standards for academic English or is otherwise linguistically incorrect.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to propose amendments to the post if necessary.

2) Requirements of posts

All writings posted on CD will appear in a uniform format and the length of the articles must be between 1,000 and 2,500 words in English. Posts must be original and must not have already been published. The Editorial Board reserves the right to remove the post in case of suspicion of plagiarism.

In addition to the articles, CD also publishes information about the authors (bio). We do not, as a rule, publish posts anonymously. The name of the authors, and their institutional affiliations will be made public with the posts. The contact information of the author (e.g.: e-mail address) will only be published if the author so indicates. In view of this, we kindly ask our authors to send us their bio at the same time as their manuscript, up to a maximum of 450 characters.

The use of a reference system is not a requirement; however, the use of hyperlinks (inserted into the text) is highly recommended for professional reasons.

The CD provides the ability to search by keyword, so we kindly ask our authors to enter up to 5 keywords for the post in addition to their manuscripts.

3) Submitting procedure and replies to blog posts

It is possible to submit a manuscript by using the form under the “Submission” menu. The Editorial Board will publish the post within 48 hours or contact the author with outlining the reasons for any changes should they become necessary.

By submitting the manuscript, the Author accepts the contents of General and Specific Data Protection Notification applied by CD, as well as agrees that the editorial staff will publish the manuscript on as a blog post under the Author’s name.

The author consents to the publication, reproduction and storage of the uploaded manuscript on the for an indefinite period of time, and free of charge. At the express request of the author, the Editorial Board will delete the post from the website. 

The rules of Hungarian law shall govern the licensing of use and the rights and obligations of the right holder and user. 

A Comments section is not provided on this blog site. Each post can be answered in a stand-alone post, indicating the fact of the reply.


4) Contact 

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