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István ÜVEGES is a researcher at MONTANA Knowledge Management Ltd., and a researcher at Political and Legal Text Mining and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (poltextLAB) of the HUN-REN Research Centre for Social Sciences. His Ph.D. thesis is on the relationship between automatic processing of legal texts and Plain Language. He holds an MA in Theoretical Linguistics and a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Szeged (Hungary).

His research interests include LegalTech software and Machine Learning, the social impact of Artificial Intelligence-based tools (e.g. computational propaganda and manipulation), Sentiment Analysis, and the Plain Language Movement.  He has worked as a developer at TELUS International, Babelscape Srl, and as a researcher at the National Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence (MILAB).

He is currently working as an NLP researcher on projects such as HORIZON – Moral emotions in politics – how they unite, how they divide (MORES), Visegrad Fund – V4 Media Slant (Identifying News Slants in Crisis Communication Using Artificial Intelligence) and HUN-REN Centre for Social Sciences – poltextLAB V-SHIFT Momentum (The shifting global allegiances of Visegrad countries in a time of war).

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